Activities & Attractions Near Northern California RV Parks

Attractions and activities close by our Northeast California Golf/RV Resort include recreational activities, grocery & drug stores, vehicle repair and a hospital.

Local Area Attractions & Activities

There's Lots To Do When Visiting Likely Place

There are so many activities & attractions around our Northern CA golf & RV park, you might just need help sorting through it all. To help you plan your Likely Place vacation, we’ve assembled the following information. Whatever fun activities you decide to pursue, Likely Place Golf & RV Resort is the perfect base camp.

In addition to fun recreational activities, you’ll appreciate the nearby services: grocery & drug stores, vehicle repair and, just in case, doctors and a hospital too.

For more details on specific activities, click the following links:

Local Info | Stargazing | Fishing | Biking  | ATVing | Group Tours
Hiking | Monuments & Refuges | Scenic Drives | Shopping | Churches

Local Info & Exploring the Modoc County area

The Warner Mountains are a Northern CA sportsman’s paradise with lake & stream fishing, bicycling, wildlife watching, geo-caching, stargazing (we have some of the darkest skies in the country) and much more.

There are also local festivals, scenic drives, and ATV off-roading too. Whatever your outdoor interests, you’re sure to love Likely Place.

Group Tours

Several tours can be organized for groups of 10 or more with a little advance notice. All tours require that you provide your own transportation.

Sturgeon Farm

We suggest a 1½ hour tour of the nearby Flournoy Sturgeon Farm for anyone who has never seen these storied and magnificent fish. It’s hard to imagine but this long-time Modoc County rancher raises sturgeon for caviar in year-round spring fed ponds on his ranch on the slopes of Likely Mountain. And they get big! Over 200+ pounds!

The Flournoy Sturgeon Farm is one of the largest suppliers of sturgeon eggs (caviar) in California... and California is the largest supplier of farm-raised caviar in the world. The fish below was over 5 feet long and weighed an estimated 80 lbs.

Ask at the front desk or when you make your reservations. $10 per person, min 10 in group.

Modoc National Wildlife Refuge

We can also make arrangements for a group tour of the Modoc NWR led by one of the ranger naturalists. Advance notice is required, so let us know several days in advance. The refuge does not offer public tours so a willing ranger must be scheduled. There is no charge. Ask at the front desk or when you make your reservation.

Alturas Farms

Nearby Alturas Farms at 10,000 acres is one of the largest producers of farm-raised “wild rice” (actually it’s a grass) in the world. Inquire at the desk if you’d like a group tour. There is no charge.

Hiking, Nature & the Scenic Great Outdoors

Northern California is home to some of the most beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife in the country. Whether you're into hiking, bicycling, photography or scenic drives, you will love it here at Likely Place. Check out all there is to see and do in the great outdoors.

We have nice hiking trails right on our property, plus our own private geocaching course! Our ponds have fish, ducks & Canada geese and mule deer & valley quail are everywhere!

With some advance notice, we can arrange guided group tours of a sturgeon farm, the Modoc National Wildlife Refuge, or a wild rice farm. Modoc County really is an outdoor paradise.

Local Hiking Information

A 3.5 mile trail travels around the golf course and the perimeter of the park, giving excellent views of the Warner Mountains and surrounding areas. A shorter 1.4 mile nature trail crosses Warm Creek, goes near Mirror Lake and ends up back at the clubhouse. Deer, rabbits, squirrels and coyotes are often seen on our trails as well as numerous birds and waterfowl. Ask at our front desk for more information.

An 11 mile round trip hike on the Modoc Line will take you from Likely Place to Hairpin Curve and beautiful views of the Pit River Valley. (See: Biking, Hairpin Curve)

The Blue Lake National Recreation Trail is a 1.5 mile loop around Blue Lake. (See: Fishing, Blue Lake for directions)

Hiking to Mill Creek Falls and Clear Lake from the Mill Creek Campground is popular. (See:Fishing, Mill Creek Falls and Clear Lake)

Eagle Peak (9,982 feet) is a day long, non-technical hike of 16 miles. The vertical climb is 4,200 feet. (See: Eagle Peak Hiking for more information)

The Dear Creek Trail starts at the Cedar Pass Ski area and parallels State Highway 299 for several miles along Cedar Creek.

The South Warner Wilderness Area has 77 miles of trails on 70,385 acres. These trails are well suited to hikers and horse travel. Best travel time in the wilderness is July thru October. Trail maps are available from the Forest Service office in Alturas; a copy is in the clubhouse.

Monuments & Refuges

Lava Beds National Monument

The Lava Beds National Monument was established on November 21, 1925 to preserve unique geological and historical features on 46,000 acres. The landscape offers outstanding volcanic terrain and more than 380 lava tube caves, the greatest concentration in North America. In addition, the monument encompasses Captain Jack’s Stronghold, the main battlefield of the Modoc Indian War of 1872-1873. Petroglyph Point is one of the largest panels of rock art in the United States.

The Lava Beds are famous for their lava tubes which are large enough to walk through and open for self-guided tours.  Readily accessible from Likely Place, they make a fascinating day trip.  The monument offers many trails and interpretive exhibits in the visitors’ center. Approximately two dozen lava tubes have been developed for public use. Lanterns are available at the visitors’ center free of charge but in case they're closed, we recommend bringing your own flashlight.   View or walk through Captain Jack’s Stronghold a few miles north of the visitors’ center.

See Lava Beds Nat’l Monument for more information.

Lava Tube



Devils Garden Wild Horse Territory

The 285,000 acre Devils Garden Wild Horse Territory is 5 miles north of Alturas and contains an estimated 325 wild horses plus other species such as Rocky Mountain elk. A wild horse gathering and shipping facility is on Highway 395 at Litchfield, 72 miles south of Likely.

You can find more information here.

Modoc Wildlife Refuge

The Modoc Wildlife Refuge is a mecca for bird watchers. Over 250 bird species have been identified on this 7,000 acre refuge. The refuge is home to over 50 species of mammals including pronghorn, mule deer, badger, bobcat, skunk, raccoon, mink, muskrat, ground squirrel, cottontail, and jack rabbit and more than 20 native and non-native fish species are also found.

Modoc National Forest

The Modoc National Forest comprises 1,425,000 acres of land in Modoc County. This area offers 2,925 miles of forest roads and 175 miles of trails for exploration and enjoyment for the outdoorsman. This is truly the country where the west still lives. Maps and information are available at the Modoc National Forest Headquarters on 12th Street in Alturas and in the Likely Place clubhouse.

Northern California Scenic Drives

Modoc Wildlife Refuge

This 3 mile auto tour loop begins ¼ mile in, on the main refuge entrance road. It provides the opportunity to see wetland wildlife. This route, the Wigeon Pond Trail and Overlook, and the US 395 Overlook provide excellent wildlife viewing. Additionally US 395 and County Roads 56, 57, and 115 travel along the perimeters of the refuge. For a route map see: Biking, Modoc National Wildlife Refuge.

Surprise Valley/Barrel Springs Back Country Byway

This route will get you away from the crowds and let you experience the west as it used to be. You will travel through Surprise Valley, the Nevada high desert and the path of the 49’ers. (94 Miles) 3 hours.

High Rock Canyon

A trip back in time. Today wagon ruts preserved in the soft volcanic rock of the canyon floor commemorate the journey of the 49’ers, as do the visible names and dates engraved and painted in caves and on canyon walls. A trip through High Rock Canyon can be an interesting and exciting experience. Big horn sheep and wild horse sightings are common. The road is extremely rough in places. A four wheel drive, high clearance vehicle with good tires is A MUST. An extra spare tire is recommended (200 miles –no service) 7 hours.

Surprise Valley/Fandango/Alturas

See the 49’ers ascent from the Surprise Valley side and the decent into Fandango Valley and check out chimney rock between Davis Creek and Alturas (90 miles) 2.5 hours.


Traverse the Warner Mountains twice with this tour up the South Fork Canyon to Jess Valley, past Blue Lake and East Creek to suddenly descend into Surprise Valley just south of Eagleville. Then head north to Cedarville, west back over the Warner Mountains to Alturas then south to Likely (110 miles) 3+ hours. The gravel South Warner Road over the Warners to the east is remote with little traffic and no services, so be sure to fuel up before going.

Likely Place/West Warner Road/Modoc NWR/Alturas Farms

An enjoyable and scenic 64 mile road trip goes north along the west side of the Warner Mountains to the Modoc NWR, then back through Alturas Farms to Likely Place. Like the Sierra Nevadas, the west side of the Warners is much wetter with more verdant vegetation than the east. 64 miles, 2+ hours. See: Biking, 64 miles…for a route map.

Likely/Medicine Lake/Lava Beds/Newell

See the Glass Mountain Geologic Area, the Medicine Lake Crater, Medicine Lake Lava flow and be sure to stop at the Lava Beds interpretive center for directions to the nearest lava tubes.

Continue on to Captain Jack’s Stronghold, Petroglyph Point and Newell. Newell was the site of a Japanese internment camp during World War II and has the original barracks on display. Turn south on Highway 139 and head back to Likely (175 miles) 4 to 6 hours.


For a real shopping experience, stop at the Likely General Store. Proprietor Carol Weed is mighty friendly and knows a lot about the area. This store has just about everything you can imagine.

In our clubhouse, items made by local Jess Valley artists Duane McGarva and Walter Nicholson are on display and for sale. Other local artists have their wares on display in many of the unique Alturas gift shops. For one of a kind shops that are well worth a stop, try Main Street Antiques & Collectibles, The Art Center, Personally Yours, The Flower Shoppe, Ardie’s Classie Lassie & Calico Cow, Book-inista, Critters & Crafts, Family Footware, L & B Ranch Supply, Wild Mustard, Alturas Pharmacy, and Jay’s clothing.

Alturas has about everything you need from appliances to carpets to hardware to groceries, and everyone you run into is friendly.

How about stopping for lunch? Alturas has Basque, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, and American food. They all serve generous portions.

Don’t forget to stop by the Modoc County Museum on Main Street, The River Center on Henderson Street and The Desert Rose Casino on County Road 56.


You are always welcome at any of the local Alturas churches:

  • Alturas Baptist Church — W. 4th St.
  • Church of Christ — N. Warner St.
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints — N. Main St.
  • Faith Baptist Church — W. Carlos St.
  • Federated Community Church — E. 1st St.
  • Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall — W. 4th St.
  • Sacred Heart Parish — E. 4th St.
  • St. Michael’s Episcopal — North St.
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church — W. 2nd St.
  • Repin for the Lord Ministries — W. 8th St.